Gas prices have gone down an average of four cents in Michigan recently, but is that enough to safely say we're on the decline? Probably not.

Gas prices in Flint alone have gone down by five cents, leaving Detroit with the highest gas prices in Michigan set at $3.18 a gallon with Ann Arbor coming in close behind with $3.16 a gallon.

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"The ferocious rise in gas prices has finally started to cool as gas prices have eased across a majority of the country for the first time in months," said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. "There have been some challenges in pockets across the country as demand remains very healthy, and stations in some areas where demand is very high struggle to keep up with demand thanks to the truck driver shortage.

Granted prices are easing back a bit but don't be surprised if we see a sudden spike in gas especially for the upcoming 4th of July week. Companies will know that people are out like clockwork those gas prices will creep back up.

Every year these gas companies find a new excuse to raise prices. From shortages to hackers, to the end of the world, gas companies will say anything to get a few more dollars in their greedy pockets. All the more reason to move over to EV (Electric Vehicles) in the future.

You'll just have to remember to plug your car in at night...

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