Well gee, if this doesn't say "Take advantage of marketing at every single turn", I don't know what does.

There is an ammunition store located in Novi, Michigan, that has jumped on the "Let's Go Brandon" bandwagon in a big, and maybe controversial, way. Fenix Ammunition, located on West 10 Mile Road, is selling ammunition engraved with the trending political phrase "Let's Go Brandon".

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The .50BMG Fired Case has the phrase which is pure anti-Biden. Fenix Ammunition CEO Justin Nazaroff told Metro Times that the bullets are “previously fired brass cases” and cannot be fired from a gun. According to Nazaroff, "It's a collectible trinket".

Just in case you've been out of the loop, the whole "Let's Go Brandon" thing originated back in early September 2021. It actually gained social media life when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast incorrectly described a chant of "F@#* Joe Biden" by spectators at a NASCAR race as "Let's go, Brandon" during her televised interview with driver Brandon Brown on October 2, 2021.

Since the footage of the interview went viral, so did the phrase. It now has found itself to bumper stickers, shirts, hats, and yes....ammunition. We are pretty sure that Christmas ornaments aren't far behind if they aren't out there already.

This isn't the first time Fenix has put their views out there. Just last year they told their customers that they wouldn't be allowed inside the store unless they removed their face coverings as their way of going against Governor Whitmer's mask mandate in place at the time.

If you're looking for a little stocking stuffer for someone who will love the "viral humor", the case sells for $25.


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