Michigan has hit a milestone in the Coronavirus pandemic, but it's not one that anyone is celebrating.

According to the Michigan Coronavirus site, we have passed the 100,000 case mark when the confirmed and probable cases are combined.  Obviously there will be a bigger deal made when the confirmed cases in Michigan surpass 100,000, which won't be very far away. Right now, we are sitting at more than 92,000 confirmed cases, and adding about 500 new confirmations a day.

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This is a hard stat to react to for a number of different reasons. First is the fact that Michigan has done a great job slowing the spread of the Coronavirus over the last few months. It seems a little confusing to feel good about slowing the spread and still reaching the 100,000 case mark.

Secondly is the fact that experts are still predicting that we will most likely see another 100,000 confirmed cases before the end of 2020. It seems crazy to think that we are doing a better job than the majority of states in the country, and we are still facing 200,000 cases by the end of the year.

Hopefully increased testing, and availability to PPE for everyone in Michigan will help. A huge step is the MI Mask Aid program that Governor Whitmer introduced last week.

Obviously Michigan is a big place, and the levels of spread are different wherever you go. That's why it's so hard to predict with any sort of certainty how the virus will spread through the state. If you are having trouble keeping up with the changes by region and restrictions, check out the site that was created below.

One thing is for sure, that it will take all of us doing everything we can to make sure we are not dealing with Coronavirus into next year. Make sure to mask up, and keep practicing social distancing.


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