The Coronavirus pandemic has hit Michigan differently depending on which part of the state you are looking at.

The pandemic has hit the lower part of Michigan much harder than Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This lead to Governor Whitmer breaking the state into regions, and implementing different strategies based on how bad the virus has spread in each region. It can get confusing at times, but the state just released a new website to help us keep up with the changes.

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The regions are defined by counties, so that part it not hard to keep up with, but the changing restrictions can be confusing.

The Michigan Safe Start by Category page is where you can see all of the most up to date information. Every time Gov. Whitmer makes a change to what phase a specific region is in, the website will reflect those changes.

The state has done a great job of keeping everyone informed with their Covid response page. There are daily updates about new cases, along with other important tracking information.

Right now Flint and Genesee County are in phase 4, which means conditions are improving. The site walks through what each phase means, and gives a very clear picture of what will happen if we move forward or backward. This is key to helping people understand the importance of wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance when possible.

I spent the early part of the week in Mackinaw City, and despite being in a different region, things felt very similar to here. The biggest difference is that there are about a bagillion tourists all hoping to get into restaurants that can only operate in a limited capacity.


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