Governor Rick Snyder is declaring an energy emergency for Michigan as we head into one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

The problems started when a Detroit fuel refinery had to shut down unexpectedly.  Adding to that, a fuel pipeline in Wisconsin also shut down.

The sudden rise in fuel prices are supposedly related to the shutdowns, even though I could have told you that fuel prices would rise suddenly before Memorial Weekend back in December.

Snyder talked about the reason for the emergency,

We want to make sure the fuel Michiganders need for their travel to work, school or a long weekend trip is available, this executive order will help ensure there are no artificial shortages or fuel impacting the state’s residents or visitors.”

I'm sure that the pipelines have something to do with gas prices, and maybe even a shortage of fuel for the state, but come on. . .

If you've lived in Michigan for more than a year, you know that gas prices go up on travel weekends.

The energy emergency is in place until June 6th.


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