Most schools in Genesee County are rapidly approaching their allotment of snow days for the year due to the extreme cold, but state lawmakers could change all of that.

Right now, schools are allowed to close for weather reasons six days a year.  Last year most Michigan schools closed at least 9 days because of the extreme snow fall.  The snow hasn't been as bad this year, but the record breaking cold temps have kept the schools closed for the kids safety.

A bill introduced this month by Cadillac Republican Rep. Phil Potvin would increase the number of days that can be missed from six to nine.  This would take the pressure off of the schools to make sure that they don't go over the allowed days.

Last year schools either increased the length of their remaining days, or just added days onto the end of the year to make up the overages.

Do you think the state should increase the number of allowed weather cancellations?