The call was made shortly after 9pm last night to cancel the last two days of class for Genesee County Schools two days before the Christmas break.  The last minute closing caught a lot of parents off guard and have many wondering if the Superintendent's made the right decision.

Here is the press release sent from GISD:


There have been numerous threats made at area schools from Frankenmuth to Grand Blanc and many in between.  Threats that the schools were not prepared to deal with in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  It was a decision that was made in the name of safety for our kids, so why are so many people upset?

The only real reason I see to be angry about this has to do with what the districts decide to do with their time off.  If they take the extra days, and holiday time to formulate an emergency plan, then this was the right decision without question.

If they just let school start in 2013 with no new plan or safety procedures in place, then what was the point?

How do you feel about the schools closing two days early?