According to the Michigan Lottery, Friday the 13th has been a very lucky day for Mega Millions players. I know what you are thinking - of course they would say that, but they do have the stats to back up the statement.

Since 2003, players have reportedly won more than $176 million in jackpots from Friday the 13th drawings. Just ask Kevin Blake of Waterford. Blake split a $42 million jackpot from a drawing on Friday, October 13, 2017. Damn!

But wait, there's more! Two other Mega Millions players have won prizes ranging from $10,000 up to $1 million on Friday the 13th. Color me sold! Tomorrow's jackpot is $80 million dollars. I can spare a few bucks on a shot at becoming a millionaire. I think we can all agree, I would be the most obnoxious millionaire EVER - but I sure would have fun.

I hope Friday, the 13th is a lucky day for you!

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