A Mid-Michigan man got into a gunfight with state troopers in Olive Township just north of Lansing after being served a warrant. I don't get what you'd expect to happen after shooting at the cops. That's literally a death sentence.

When the police tried to serve the warrant this crazy bastard started shooting at the police! The police returned fire and luckily the 34-yr-old psychopath was only injured.

State police say troopers were serving a warrant for a 34-year-old St. Johns man in Olive Township north of Lansing around 2 p.m.

Thursday when the suspect opened fire on officers. Troopers returned fire, striking the man.

Police say the troopers were the only law enforcement on the scene and none were injured in the shooting.


I hope this isn't becoming a trend. Violence has been up everywhere since the end of the 2020 lockdown. People are a lot bolder nowadays and a simple misunderstanding can lead to lethal consequences. If this dude had the balls to shoot at state troopers. just imagine dealing with him in a road rage incident. Good riddance...

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