You just can't make this stuff up. A Michigan man was arrested after shooting his wife outside of a bar over the weekend. The woman was driving at the time, and luckily the bullet just grazed her, and she was able to get away.

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The shooting occurred at roughly 1:15 AM this past Saturday, April 17th. According to ABC 12, the unidentified man left his son and daughter (ages 4 and 6) in a vehicle, while he went into a bar in Detroit. Are your freaking kidding me? I am not sure if the kids had a cell phone, but somehow they were able to call their mother. The mother then went to the bar to get her kids, and as she drove away, her husband shot at her.

I can't even imagine how scared and shaken up those poor kids are. Like WTF? Who leaves kids in a car to go into a bar? I remember waiting in the car as kid while my mom ran into a grocery store, but that was like 10 minutes maximum. I am quite sure I was like 12-years-old or older at the time, definitely not when I was 4 or 6-years-old.

I don't think a simple 'I'm sorry' will cut it for this douche bag dad. I would assume his wife will be leaving him now. I think being shot at by your husband would be a huge red flag in the relationship.

My heart is with the kids involved. I am so glad they were not injured or even worse, killed. I don't know how you forget watching your dad shoot at your mom, but I hope they do for their own sake.

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