A Oceana County, MI man has will serve time in jail after he humiliated his ex wife by posting explicit photos of her and stated she was a "woman of ill repute" on Facebook.

46-year-old Travis Allen Quist pleded guilty on Monday and will serve up to four years in prison for unauthorized access of a computer system after going to Facebook to insult his wife. Quist hacked into his ex-wife's Facebook account and changed her name and personal information. Quist also changed her profile picture to a topless photo of her, which is considered "revenge porn" or "nonconsensual pornography".


Because Quist does not have a prior criminal record, state sentencing guidelines for him max out at six months in jail. As part of the plea agreement, the prosecutor said he would agree to capping his sentence at three months.

"This was an invasive and offensive intrusion into her privacy," Bizon said, calling the case one of "cyberbullying."

"It was beyond calling her a bad name. It was horrible. I found what he wrote offensive, and it was demeaning to this woman."

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