Medical marijuana is back on the legislative docket this session. On Thursday, two bills were re-introduced in the state legislature aimed at legalizing cannabis edibles and dispensaries. This is unfinished business from last year, when the session ended without a decision on the issue.

This news was announced during a recent broadcast of the Planet Trees Radio Show. “I am putting in the Provisioning Centers Bill on Thursday (February 12). And I’m going to have a press conference,” said Representative Michael Callton. “Who is going to handle the medibles bill is going to be Lisa Lyons-Posthumus, which is really fantastic. She got ahold of me and wanted to be involved.”

The bills have bipartisan support, but Callton suggests they are moving in a “new direction” to get passed the Senate Republicans and opposing police forces. “We are doing some different strategy this time, so we will be stronger in the Senate,” he said, adding that they now also have support from the governor’s office.

Representative Callton hopes to prevent a repeat of the debacle that took place last year by working with the opposition to formulate a plan that addresses everyone’s concerns. He believes in doing this, they will manage to find approval early on and avoid “having it hang on for a couple of years and then run out of time in lame duck session.”