The players on the Olivet Middle School football team broke every coaches cardinal rule, and ran a play without the coach knowing anything about it.  The players ran a life changing play to help a teammate with a learning disability score a touchdown.

The play was simply called, "The Keith Special" and it was executed to perfection.

Keith Orr is a special needs child, and had never even come close to scoring a touchdown for his team.  His teammates got together behind their coaches backs and worked out a series of plays to run if the opportunity ever presented itself.

When the Olivet Eagles were on the one yard line, "The Keith Special" was called.  The running back took a knee instead of scoring himself so that Keith could check into the game.

The next snap went directly to Keith, and as his teammates surrounded him, they all pushed their way into the end zone for a touch down.

I love to write about moments where people use sports to show whats really important.  The thing that really makes this unique is that these kids made the decision to do this without the coaches direction.  They worked together to do the right thing, and give one of their teammates a memory he will never forget.

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