The JV Football players in Fenton are being called heroes, but not for anything they did during a game, it's they way they came together to help keep a middle school student safe.

The players told WXYZ that the little boy came running into their practice, crying and obviously scared.  They noticed an older man, that they described as creepy, following after the boy.

When the man made a motion for the boy to come to him, the boy hid and asked the players not to let the man take him.  The team stepped into action, and formed a wall between the man and the little boy.  The man became frustrated and quickly left the field.

The act of saving the boy was huge, but the Fenton JV players didn't stop there. They were able to get a picture of the mans license plate, and give the information to Fenton Police when they arrived on the scene.

No arrests have been made since there were no actual laws broken, but the Fenton Police are keeping a very watchful eye on the situation.

Salute to the guys on the Fenton JV football team for not only doing the right thing, but for doing it as a team.  Good deeds are contagious, and when an entire group of young men takes the time to do the right thing, it will most definitely rub off onto others.