Although medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, parents who use edible forms of the herb to treat their seizure prone children are at risk of prosecution. Belinda Phillips recently told FOX2 that while she does not feel like a criminal, the pills containing concentrated medical marijuana that have reduced her daughter seizures by 90 percent could get her thrown in prison.

However, she does not intend to stop treating her daughter with the plant because no other medication they have tried has been able to reduce her daughter’s 8 to 15 seizures per day. "It's medicine," explained Phillips. "I'm just shocked, she's been on everything and this has been the most beneficial medicine that she's ever been on."

Fortunately, there is hope for Phillips and other parents trying to do the right thing for their kids. There is a bill being heard in the state legislature this week that, if passed, would expand the medical marijuana program to include edibles and oils. The issue was expected to be resolved late last year, but lawmakers failed to reach a decision before the end of the session.