The daily Coronavirus cases are updated by the state, and Monday Michigan surpassed the 60,000 mark.

This is a huge number, but it most likely would have been much bigger without the preventative measures we took in Michigan. The overall number of new cases is still declining throughout the state, but we are still nervous. With restrictions lifting everywhere in Michigan, we are afraid that new Coronavirus cases could spike.

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State health officials update the total count daily, and you can follow it here. According to national data, Michigan currently has the 9th highest confirmed Coronavirus cases behind New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, and Florida. Texas is one of the many states that are actually seeing an increase in new cases after lifting restrictions.

The Michigan Coronavirus site breaks down confirmed cases by county, along with a ton of other data. According to the site, Genesee County has nearly 3,000 cases which puts us in the top 10 of Michigan. The good news is that more than 75% of the counties in Michigan did not report a new case last week.

Michigan has also started to increase testing to the public regardless of if you are symptomatic or not. This is s a crucial part of making sure we keep the spread of the virus under control, even though the increase in testing will most likely lead to an increase of reported cases.


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