A Michigan pizza restaurant is under fire after a Facebook user claims one of the employees put a cigarette butt inside their food.

Facebook user Taffie Newton claims her husband bit into a bread stick from the Davison Pizza Company and found a cigarette butt in his mouth.

The post has generated over 3,000 shares and hundreds of comments. The Pizza Company has responded to the allegations, and are planning on launching a free pizza giveaway soon...

The Pizza Company via Facebook
The Pizza Company via Facebook

I think people need to calm down and realize mistakes do happen. Most reviews of The Pizza Company tends to be on the positive side, as many customers enjoy the local pizza shop. You have to wonder if the incident was purely a mistake, if it was purposely done by a disgruntled employee, or if the photo was staged completely.

Regardless of the reasons, if it did legitimately happen -- the customer deserves an apology and a full refund at bare minimum. Should the local pizza shop be put under due to one incident? In my opinion, no.

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