Don't get burned -- online scammers are selling counterfeit tickets for some of the biggest concerts coming to the area.

I've always wondered how we don't hear about this sort of thing more often. Especially now that paper tickets are so prevalent. There are so many ways to rip somebody off with those and they wouldn't even know until they got to the gate. Unfortunately, it looks like some a-holes have figured it out and are selling bogus tickets to unsuspecting music lovers online.

According to MLive, the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office began investigating after a couple was denied entry to the recent Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The couple had purchased the counterfeit tickets from a seller they connected with on Craigslist, and then met with in Ortonville.

In the course of their investigation, Lapeer Police found that the scammer used a stolen credit card to buy real tickets, made duplicate copies of the same ticket, and sold each of them online. The McGraw/Hill concert wasn't the only event for which these bogus tickets were sold, as there have been similar issues with tickets for both Bob Seger and Kid Rock's recent concerts.

In a sting operation, police apprehended a man selling fake tickets for an upcoming Bob Seger show, and his wife is also suspected of being involved. They have yet to be charged in the matter (pending investigation), so make sure you don't buy tickets from people using the alias Terry, Tracy, or Tina Mcraw. They are also known to drive a silver Envoy and a white vehicle with Colorado plates.

Honestly, you may just want to play it safe and pay the extra bucks for guaranteed legit tickets. I'm willing to bet these clowns aren't the only ones running this hustle. There's nothing worse than forking out a bunch of hard-earned money for sold-out concert tickets, showing up, and being told to kick rocks by security.

Lapeer County Police are urging folks who've been sold counterfeit tickets to reach out to their local police department.



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