Josiah Daniel Curtis is a 25 year old aspiring rapper who knows that dedication is the only way he can make it in the rap game.  So when he couldn't find a ride to the studio to record, he stole a school bus to get there . . . because that's GANGSTA!

OK so it's not really that gangster, in fact it's not very smart at all.  Deputies said that Curtis damaged many other buses before finally pulling the stolen bus away from the garage.

Washtenaw County sheriff's deputies arrested Curtis on Thanksgiving and Sgt. Geoffrey Fox said when the bus was finally stopped, Curtis told deputies he was headed to Detroit to work on some music.  Curtis' mom told police that her son has had a history of mental illness and has spent much of his time over the past years in and out of psychiatric hospitals.

Hopefully Josiah can get the mental help he needs, and we also hope that the studios producer didn't give his beats away either.  The man deserves the chance to use them after all this.