Summertime is almost over, and that means that school buses will be dominating the roads once again.

The Michigan State Police are issuing a warning to all drivers in Michigan reminding them to follow all school bus laws while in the car.

The main rule that drivers get wrong in Michigan is stopping on a yellow flashing light. Drivers are required to stop for a bus for both yellow and red flashing lights.

Another rule that the MSP want to clear up is traffic stopping on both sides of the roads, even on multi lane roads. If there are four lanes of traffic and no median, drivers in all four lanes are required to stop.

Most of the time people are aware and use extreme care when driving by a bus, but there is always the one person who thinks their schedule is more important that the kids safety.

The MSP are going out of their way this year to make sure that any drivers trying to run a school buses stop lights will be caught. The fine is pretty steep too. A ticket could bring three points to your license, a large fine, and the possibility of up to 100 hours of community service.

Using common sense, and driving as if your child were on the bus in front of you is the best way to avoid any violations.

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