Michigan State University is getting a gift of $3 Million to help build a strong entrepreneurship atmosphere on campus.

According to WNEM, Larry Gaynor and his wife Theresa have gifted the money to MSU to build an entrepreneurship lab on campus.  The Gaynors are the President, CEO and VP of TNG Worldwide.  The new lab will be called the Gaynor Entrepreneurship Lab.

The lab will reportedly feature a space that is conducive for "hosting entrepreneurship focused business courses and group work."

There have been a lot of colleges and communities focusing on entrepreneurs and start up companies lately.  It seems ironic that a major university has jumped on board, considering many of the big name companies today were founded by people who skipped the college experience.

I don't want to ensue that people should not go to college, but it's becoming more and more of a problem to saddle yourself with huge education debts without the promise of a job to pay them back.  I may be wrong here, but when I think of a start up or a true entrepreneur, my mind goes towards a trade school rather than a liberal arts college.

I personally have gotten very weary of the rising tuition costs that have become associated with a college education.  Maybe with these entrepreneur classes, students will learn that maybe they don't have to pay quite so much to learn.

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