Michigan State University has just issued a 14-day physical distance directive to help combat the recent surge in COVID numbers.

The directive is going into effect tonight at midnight until Feb.13th. During the directive, students will not be allowed to gather on-campus and are advised not to gather off-campus as well.  

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Not everything will be cut off from students. Here are a few activities students can still participate in during the directive:

  • Accessing secure internet

  • Picking up meals from a dining hall

  • Attending an in-person class.

  • Conducting research or employment that must be performed in person

  • Participating in the COVID-19 Early Detection Program

  • Receiving medical care


Students must also complete a daily health screening form along with other check-in protocols to help mitigate the spread of COVID.

Being a college student is hard enough. So my heart goes out to struggling students during this pandemic that are dealing with these restrictions. Thankfully it's only two weeks. The typical quarantine time. But, it looks like the rest of the world is starting to back on board. Restaurant and theaters are officially opening back up this week. So hopefully at the end of this month, we can start to see some normalcy come back to Michigan.


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