Michigan State University made a huge announcement stating that they will no longer be looking at SAT/ACT scores as a requirement for new students.

I think this is a great move for MSU, especially after the pandemic pretty much ruin any regular sense of life for students these last few years. Michigan State University is one of the few colleges that understand what students are going through and they don't want a single test or day to determine a student's future.

Saginaw Valley State University says the requirement for ACT or SAT test scores was optional for the past two years because of the pandemic.


“I think students have a lot of barriers when they're looking at going on to college, so the test score has been an area of concern for many students, and we recognize that one single day is not indicative of a student's success. Students are more than a test score. We want to look at their entire high school credentials there their entire performance along the way; what type of leadership and/or upward trends and grades.” - Jennifer Pahl, Director of Admissions Saginaw Valley State University. Source:NBC25.com

A very well-placed move on MSU's part. The pandemic was hard enough on people. Students got some of the worst of it, especially if you like me and NEED to be on campus to properly pay attention to what's going on. I hope other universities adopt this new policy and understand that some students just didn't have the means to either take the Sat/ACT test or just couldn't make it due to the pandemic.

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