After a three year battle, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that police are able to arrest you for drunk driving while you are in your own driveway.

The case started in 2014 when a man in Northville was arrested for driving his car in and out of his garage while having a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit.

The case was originally ruled in a lower court that the man could not be given a DUI, but Tuesday the Supreme Court changed that ruling.

According to the court, the driveway is "generally accessible to motor vehicles, and under state law it's illegal to be drunk behind the wheel."

I don't think anyone would argue that drunk driving is one of the worst decisions you can make, and there is no good reason for doing it.  But, do you think that this ruling carries it too far?  Many are arguing that when someone is on their own property, the law shouldn't apply.  What do you think?


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