We all make mistakes in life but Governor Gretchen Whitmer isn't trying to hear that in regards to driving while under the influence.

The governor refused to sign a bill that would give first-time DUI offenders a chance to wipe away their charges.

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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has refused to sign a bill that would have let one-time drunken drivers ask a judge to set aside their conviction, despite the measure's broad bipartisan support in the Legislature. The Democrat took no action on the expungement legislation Monday, allowing it to die when a 14-day review period expired. Her office gave no reason why


Now, without trying to sound like your typical overly cautious parent, driving under the influence is always a bad idea and can lead to fatal accidents. But, most of you do it anyway. Heck, you'll probably do it tonight. As long as you don't get caught right? No, that's exactly the mindset we need to step away from. Thinking like that can lower your guard while driving leaving you vulnerable to other stupid drivers.

Part of me wants to always leave room open for people that want to do better and have genuinely learned from their mistakes and now want to take the necessary steps to clear up their name. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do that with DUI's for now. So the best way to get a DUI off your record is to never get one in the first place...

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