While some lawmakers fight the legalization of marijuana tooth and nail because they believe it will lead to more use among teenagers, a new report spearheaded by the University of Michigan and the National Institute on Drug Abuse finds this claim to be completely false.

Inside the report, which reveals high school seniors are consuming around 33 percent less booze and smoking 25 percent fewer cigarettes than they were almost four decades ago, it provides use with an interesting tidbit that could be used to shut down the case commonly brought forth through the throats of prohibitionists, who like to argue that the legalization of marijuana leads to an increase in teenage use.

In reality, the latest data indicates that teen pot smoking has been on a steady downturn for the past five years. Although pot consumption among high school kids has not tapered off quite like it has with alcohol and tobacco, there is no evidence in the numbers to suggest that pot legalizing has prompted more youngsters to get stoned.

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