The fidget spinner phenomenon has swept across the country, but parents need to be aware that the popular toy can be dangerous.

Fidget spinners are a pretty hot toy, but parents need to be on the lookout for a specific fidget spinner that can catch on fire. According to a mother in Fenton, MI, her kids fidget spinner caught on fire and now shes doing all she can to let parents know that not all fidget spinners are 100% safe.

The fidget spinner this mother bought for her kids has Bluetooth capabilities that makes the spinner light up and play music. Little did she know the spinner would catch fire once she hooked the toy up to a charger. She states the fidget spinner did not come with directions on how to charge it nor did it come with a charger.

Most fidget spinners do not need to be charged, but if yours does make sure that you keep an eye on it while it charges.

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