Michigan's favorite or most sought after toy this year might be the one that someone in your family is also wanting.

So according to Reviews.com they compiled a list of each states favorite or most sought after toy this year by compiling each state's most searched and popular items so far this holiday season by using Google trends. They use Google Trends because what you most search is probably what you are going to most want to buy. So according to this data Michigan's favorite toy for 2018 is Lego Friends.

Michigan wasn't the only state with Lego Friends as their favorite toy for 2018 as about ten other states did so as well. The other hot toys this year are Power Wheels, Fortnite Action Figures, and Barbie Dream House. Also a few states like; Florida and California have turned back the clock as their favorite and most searched toy this year is the Hula Hoop.

You can check out more states favorites here, and maybe it will help you more with your Holiday shopping.

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