The slide is a whopping 1,700 feet long and will be open from May 26th - September 4th.

Summer is almost here and outdoor activities are what makes Michigan one of the most unique states in the country. Everything from swimming in one of the five Great Lakes, to checking out one of the many beautiful scenic areas our state has to offer, there is so much fun to be had in Michigan that not many other states can compete.

Now for the first time ever Michigan has its very own alpine slide that is open at Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville. The 1,700 foot slide is currently open and is $9 for a one-time ride or $25 for an unlimited day pass. The ride lasts around 50 seconds long and features high-bank turns and dips. Parents need to sign a waver for kids under 18 to ride, and you must be at least 52" to ride the alpine slide.

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