Migos are back with a new single that's perfect for the strip clubs.

On Thursday (June 20), the Georgia trio delivered the new track “Stripper Bowl.” The song was named after Quality Control’s Stripper Bowl event that took place back in February when the ATL was the city host for the 2018 Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. In an accompanying visual for the song, Migos hit up the strip club and throw some bills.

Over producer Buddah Bless’ stuttering beat, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff rap about their love for making it rain in the strip clubs while haters look on with envy.

"Everybody knows that I'm trappin' (Trap)/Everybody knows that I'm gettin' it/Spatula money, I'm flipping it (Flip),” Quavo spits, adding, “500 racks for the Stripper Bowl/The money on the floor, better go get it, ho (Get it)/Anything goes with the Huncho.”

Meanwhile, Offset boasts about stacking his money daily. “Make M's by the hour (Ms)/We gonna make him, leave him sour (Kill him)/Double-up, stack it up, Twin Tower (Twin Tower),” he raps on the song.

Takeoff wraps it up with a warning to the haters not to get too close because it might get dangerous. "Danger, I'ma go and paint ‘em (pew-pew)/Double Cup, Triple K, I'ma go hang ‘em (Hang)/Gotta let ‘em out the cage, can’t tame ‘em (Argh),” he rhymes.

Migos members have been very busy this year. The group released “Pure Water," their collaborative track with Mustard in January, and Offset dropped his solo project, Father of 4, back in February. The trio is currently working on their upcoming album Culture III.

Check out Migos' "Stripper Bowl" for yourself just below.

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