Detroit Tigers fans need to take a moment and realize that we may be watching the greatest hitter that baseball has ever seen.  Miguel Cabrera gave us all a chance to do that last night as he hit a walk off home run against the Royals.

As Miggy stepped into the box in the bottom of the 9th inning, everyone in the park hoped that he would end the game with one swing.  That's the kind of hope that every baseball fan has though.  It's the kind of hope that every kid reenacts in their back yard when they are standing there with a bat and ball.

The problem is that most of the time, it usually stops at a hope . . . But the truly special players, like Miguel Cabrera turn that hope into reality.



In an age when nobody trusts their favorite players because of steroid or PED rumors, Miguel Cabrera is changing history.  If this were 1998, Miggy would be the headline of every sports publication everywhere, but not everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon for fear that a story will come out saying that Miggy juiced.

Cabrera has had his personal demons in the past, but there has been no hint of steroids.  I am willing to say that we are watching the man who will go down in the record books as the greatest hitter of all time!


Shortly after this clip during the interview, Prince Fielder gave Miggy the traditional ice water bath!  This is the kind of winning chemistry that championships are built on, and I think this is the Tigers year.