The Millington School district shut down early for the year because of numerous violent threats made, and now authorities are finding out that some of the threats were very credible.

17 guns total have been seized and two Millington freshman are in juvenile custody, with one of them facing terrorism charges.  ABC12 is reporting that the guns were seized from the 15 year old who is facing the terrorism charges.

Also charged in this investigation is a 16 year old. He faces an assault with a dangerous weapon charge.   The 16-year-old's stepfather tells us the weapon was a razor from a broken pencil sharpener.  According to police, one of the 16-year-old's victims is the 15-year-old, who police say made the threat of terrorism against other students and the high school.

This is as scary as it gets as far as I'm concerned.  The school and police are lucky to have found out about the possible threat before we had to deal with another tragedy close to home.

 ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI