Monte Morris came through with the assist for Flint Sunday as he held a water distribution event at Villa.

He called the event 'Monte With The Assist', and he didn't end up coming alone.

This is not the first time that Monte has put together a huge water drive for his hometown. He has been active in helping Flint since he was in college at Iowa State.

This time around Monte teamed up with Villa and Nestle Waters for the event. It served as a meet & greet with Monte along with a water distribution event.

Monte brought a few of his Denver Nugget teammates with him to Flint on Sunday. Mason Plumlee, Will Barton, and members of the Nuggets coaching staff came to help after Morris talked to them about the situation in Flint.

He gave a presentation to the team about his hometown and how much this place meant to him. So I think that's part of the reason you see the whole staff came out to support

Monte took time to meet with everyone that came through Sunday, and made sure everyone got a picture or autograph.

Monte has been playing some of the best ball in his NBA career lately, and hopes to continue that trend tonight against the Pistons. Even though this is a road game for Morris and the Nuggets, I expect to see quite a few Nuggets jerseys in the crowd tonight at LCA. Morris told Mlive it will feel like a home game tonight.

It’s just like I’ll be playing in high school again,” he said. “A lot of my people will be in the crowd. I don’t really get too overwhelmed about the moment or anything. It’s just a game. It’s basketball. I’ll just be myself and have fun

Check out a video of Monte's mom talking about his season so far with the Nuggets below.


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