With recent tests showing that the lead level in the water is within federal guidelines, the state has ordered a cancellation of water pick ups all over town. But luckily we've still got some coming in. 


I feel like no matter what the media puts out I'll never be 100% comfortable with Flint water. With all the lies and deceit that took place in the high levels of power around Flint, it's hard to take anything seriously.

Now, with new tests it looks like we're in the clear when it comes to lead levels. But, if your like me and you still don't really trust that, your in luck. Some random donations are keeping us afloat for a few more days. And with the state funding gone after a while we won't have a choice but to trust that our city won't poison us again...


Source: Mlive.com 

"It was very busy at the (distribution sites) Saturday, but there are two more deliveries coming in today and tomorrow," said Cathy Blankenship, vice president of development and communication for the Food Bank. "We're estimating (it will last until) Tuesday or Wednesday, but it's kind of a guess."

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