Murder suspect poured drinking water on his lawyer inside the courtroom.  Jerome Power is suspected of murdering his neighbor, 68-year old Doris Bivens, by strangling her.  In court, things went south for Power and he decided to show his lack of appreciation for his lawyer by giving him a drinking water shower.

When jurors left to deliberate Power's fate, he poured water on his attorney, Steve Arlington, and exclaimed, 'You sold me out!'  I don't think that was a good idea for Power seeing that he could be sentenced to a long time in prison.

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Power was charged with first degree murder in Iowa for allegedly strangling his neighbor, 68-year-old Doris Bevins, to death in September 2010. Police say they found Power hiding behind the front door after they responded to a 911 call from Bevins's friend who was on the phone with her during the attack.

Addington argued that it would make no sense for Power to attack a woman when everyone in the neighborhood knew she had no money. Last week, Power held up a hand-written sign in court that said someone else killed Bevins.