New Boyz get into a fight with Hamilton Park which results in New Boyz getting kicked from the Scream Tour. And all this started over a little beef over twitter.

Now this footage was released once before, but was quickly banned. Now that the video is up and running again we can see who actually won the fight. The fight breaks out between Ben J and ughh one of the guy's from Hamilton Park. From what I've heard this fight was started because The New Boyz show was cut short due to power issues and the DJ accidentally cut their music. Outraged The New Boyz get on twitter to defend themselves on the performance and to vent a little frustration over why new comers Hamilton Park is getting royal treatment and their not.

Then I guess things just got way to heated and things hit a tipping point with Ben J confronting one of the members. The guy from Hamilton Park pushes Ben J and starts this street Brawl!