If you ever plan on visiting Wildwood New Jersey, you might want to rethink your wardrobe.

A new law has taking effect that if you are caught with your pants 3 inches below your waistline you will be fined $25 for your first offense, with the maximum offense reaching $200.There are many theories on how and where the trend of 'sagging pants' actually began.

Some say parents bought their child bigger clothes so they wouldn't have to continue to spend money on that growing child.

Other skeptics say it began in the prison system when guards took away the inmate's belt to prevent suicide, and others say prisoners woulld use the 'sagging pants' as a sign of a "secret lifestyle".

Some critics are praising this new law because it rids their town from a fashion eye sore, others say the law is racially biased and the new ban will be used to pick on young minorities/

If I am not mistaken a similar law was brought forth in Flint a few years ago.

Do you think a similar law could work in Flint, if it is enforced?