The gas pump has become unpredictable like casinos when it comes to filling up your tank at the best price.  A new study suggest the best time to buy gas in Mid-Michigan and it may surprise you. 

WNEM hit the streets at a gas station to ask residents when they felt the best time to fill up for the best price.  Most of the residents typically believe filling up on the weekdays is the best time to take advantage of cheaper prices. suggest otherwise.

Patrick Dehaan, an analyst, believes that purchasing gas on the weekends to fill up is the best time.  Dehaan has conducted a four year study to support his claim.

Dehaan believes that prices are lower on the weekends because competitors know we're driving more on the weekend and have to compete for our money.  Lastly, he suggest that the crude oil trade is suspended on the weekends which halts the spikes or dips in prices.

Which times do you think is the best to get gas for the lowest price, weekdays or weekends?