Investigators in Michigan have started to find an increase in the number of credit card skimmers in pumps throughout the state.

While the number so far is still pretty small, about 0.25%, this is still causing quite a bit of alarm for those of us who use our card at the pump on a regular basis.  The Detroit News reports,

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development inspectors began searching in earnest for the electronic thieves in August and have found 15 skimming devices in 6,000 pumps they’ve looked at.

While the news is scary for consumers, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself.  Any gas pump will have a state issues security seal on the door of the pump. If that seal is broken, the pump has most likely been tampered with.

The safest way to ensure your card information is safe, is to pay inside.  Just remember, no matter what happens to you at the pump, it couldn't be worse than this guy.