Safe drinking water has been an ongoing issue in Flint and Michigan for nearly 10 years now.

The Flint Water Crisis brought the drinking water issues into the national spotlight, and has helped spur the latest online reporting tool. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy just launched a website for Michiganders to report drinking water issues.

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This would have been a great resource at the start of the Flint Water Crisis, so maybe people wouldn't have had to show up at government meetings with bottles of brown tap water. The Michigan EGLE put out a quick video to show you how to report any water issues you are having.

The fact is that the Flint Water Crisis could happen in any Michigan town. The water infrastructure in Michigan is extremely old, and was not built to operate for as long as it has. Eventually the pipes and water lines will need to be replaced at cities all over the state. I just hope that they start the replacements before a major problem is found.

Aging infrastructure is only one of the risks we are facing in Michigan with our drinking water. The discovery of dangerous PFAS chemicals all throughout the state puts everyone at risk. It doesn't matter if you get water from a well, or a city run water plant, there are real risks.

If you notice anything off about your drinking water, please don't hesitate to use the new online tool. You can report any water issues here.

The next step in the online tool is to make the reports that come in publicly displayed on the site. That way everyone can see where the issues are, and maybe help to discover a bigger problem in their own area.


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