is a website that claims to have the largest collections of genealogy records anywhere. Although we don't know if that is 100% correct, we do know is anyone can access your address and family tree for free.

Technology is advancing more and more every day, and although its great for finding old friends and family, its also a huge invasion of privacy.

While browsing Facebook my wife came across Unlike which you have to pay for (and sometimes even provide DNA so you can find out that your Great Great Grandfather was a murderer or slave owner) is 100% free. You can find your information simply by providing your first name, last name, and the state you live in. Now although some may not mind having their home address and previous addresses made public, most don't want everyone knowing where they live and who they are related to.

Want to opt out of this free service that you totally didn't ask for so your crazy ex doesn't break their PPO you have against them and find you? Click here to follow the easy steps and go back into seclusion.

Oh and we know, anyone can find you if they put enough effort into searching online, but at least you can opt out of this service that seems to be blowing up on Facebook.


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