The All-American brawl between Soulja Boy and C. Breezy is all set to take place at some point in the future, but due to certain legal restrictions, it won't be happening in the U.S.

According to TMZ,  the two feuding hip-hop luminaries wanted to have their fight out in Vegas, but because of certain legal issues—like the fact that they'll both be drug tested—they won't be able to. Instead, the two are now looking to stage their boxing match in Dubai.

Sources described as being close to Chris Brown and Soulja say that the beef between the two is very real, but that both performers are more interested in cashing in on the massive payday a pay-per-view boxing match would surely afford them. Although C. Breezy and the "Crank That" performer have touched on the idea that proceeds from the match could go to charity, TMZ's sources say the two would still be set to make some money for themselves. Sounds like a plan.

The beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown seemingly popped up out of nowhere and escalated just as suddenly. Soulja claimed that the Royalty artist called him up wanting beef after he commented on Karrueche Tran's Instagram photo. Tran is C. Breezy's ex-girlfriend. Within days, a boxing match was set up, and promotion for the event has gotten downright bizarre.

Yesterday (Jan. 9), Mike Tyson showed up in an Instagram video, allegedly recording a Soulja Boy diss track with Chris Brown. Tyson is reportedly helping to train C. Breezy. This could get very ugly.

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