Flint Firebirds fans will have to wait until next year to get their hockey fix.

The bad news was delivered Tuesday afternoon that the OHL would be cancelling the 2021 season. This means that the Flint Firebirds and the Saginaw Spirit will both be off the ice for another year. This is a huge disappointment for hockey fans in Mid-Michigan, especially after last season was cut short due to the pandemic.

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The OHL had been working hard to make sure that they would be able to return to the ice this season, but new restrictions in Ontario have made it all but impossible. OHL officials talked about how difficult of a decision this was in a press release.

We owe it to our players and their families to be definitive. We were committed to return and play this season, but our hopes and desires have been dashed by the cruel realities of COVID-19

The announcement came as a surprise to some Firebirds fans because it looked like the league had worked out a way to play this season. It wasn't until the Province of Ontario announced even more strict Covid related restrictions that league officials had to pull the plug.

Right now Ontario has the most strict Covid health restrictions in North America. Health officials in Ontario have come under fire for many of their aggressive restriction decisions.

I know that many people were angry with Governor Whitmer when she put in strict rules to help stop the spread of the pandemic, but they pale in comparison to what Ontario is doing. Everything from limiting outdoor activities to letting police pull over drivers to question their reason for leaving their house. The rules have put many people at odds with each other, and obviously have had a big impact on things outside of Canada.

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