Free WiFi has never been more important than it is right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With more of us working remotely than ever before, it's critical that we have a good connections so we can stay productive. The bad part is that we don't always have access to free WiFi. Now there is an interactive map that let's you know where all of the free WiFi hotspots in Michigan are.

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The map is a collaboration with the Michigan Public Service Commission and Connected Nation Michigan. In a press release from the MPSC, the commissioner Tremaine Phillips, talked about the importance of reliable WiFi right now.

We know that more work must be done to ensure residents and students throughout the state have accessible and affordable broadband internet service,making these Wi-Fi hotspot locations easily available is an important bridge to increasing the accessibility of these critical services during this difficult time

Eventually the goal is to make sure that everyone in Michigan has access to reliable high speed internet.

Take a minute and read that sentence again. It's true that there are MANY people living in Michigan right now with NO high speed internet at all. My mom lives in an area where she doesn't even have the ability to get cable tv! She had to buy a WiFi hotspot for internet, but it's painfully slow, and expensive. It's insane how we all take high speed internet access for granted, until you're in a situation where there is no connectivity at all.

Check out the map below, and make sure you plan ahead if you have to do something online in one of the dark zones.


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