It may have been 30 years since N.W.A took the world by storm with their "Fuck Tha Police" record, but it looks like it still impacts the lives of their fans. A Michigan man claims that he received a misdemeanor ticket from a cop for blasting the 1988 song at a local gas station.

According to June 6 report ClickonDetroit, James Webb says that a sheriff's deputy issued him a noise violation after he pulled into a Pontiac, Mich. gas station while playing the song in his vehicle. Webb believes he was given the violation due to the anti-police lyrics in the song.

"That song just happened to be playing. I'm not going to turn it down because it's my music," he told the outlet.

Webb says that the deputy walked up to his car and asked for his license, commenting on the "vulgarity" of the veteran rap group's song lyrics. The cop also pointed out that there were children around that could potentially hear the music.

"I said, 'What for?'" he explains. "[He] said, 'You can't be playing that. There is a lot of vulgarity and there is children present.'"

Webb was issued a misdemeanor ticket for violating the city of Pontiac's noise ordinance, which states that "no one shall create "any unreasonably loud, disturbing, unusual or unnecessary noise which annoys, disturbs or injures."

According to the deputy that reportedly issued the ticket, he wrote in his report that he was not offended by the music, and was only remarking on the noise level and potentially offensive language within the song.

"I explained to James that I was not offended by his choice of music and or the song he chose to play while at the gas station," he wrote in his report. "I explained to James that his choice of music and the language in the music might be offensive to other patrons at the gas station."

The case is currently under investigation, but Webb's lawyer is arguing that the ticket violates the First Amendment.

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