President Barack quits. He throws in the towel. He campaigned on the theme of Change and he did just so. Find out what I'm talking about. No more cigarettes for President Barack Obama. His wife, Michelle Obama, has said the President has been cigarette free for over a year now. I think that is a great look for the first family.  It is something to preach change for the country but its another thing to actually do it. I commend the President for his great work for our country and his personal life.


President Barack Obama is all about change, so much so, that he decided nine months ago to quit smoking. And change has come. One year later the President hasn't had a ciggarette in almost a year, according to first lady Michelle Obama.

Asked Tuesday whether her husband had conquered a nicotine habit he picked up as a teenager, she said: "Yes, he has. It's been almost a year." Mrs. Obama offered no details on exactly when or how he did it.

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