Epic Mall Resignation
The entire staff of a Journeys store in a New York mall decided that enough was enough when it came to their manager Jaime.  They banded together and quit, using one of the most epic resignation letters of all time.
Joey Quits His Job With A Marching Band [Video]
When Joey decided to quit his job at the hotel he's worked at for three years, he did it in style.
Let's face it, we have all wanted to tell at least one former employer how much they suck.  The problem is that without being vulgar or breaking the law, that can be hard to do.
Joey enlists the help of …
Obama Quits
President Barack quits. He throws in the towel. He campaigned on the theme of Change and he did just so. Find out what I'm talking about.
Jazmine Sullivan Announces A Break From Music!
R&B star Jazmine Sullivan shocked her fans by announcing on Twitter that she will be taking a break from music.
Jazmine said she needs to "figure out" who she is without a mic, paper or pen. The announcement also started rumors that the 23-year-old is likely going through…