Today, Monday April 29th, 2013, reports are coming in that a male student shot himself in a suicide attempt in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In an all male high school, the male student pulled out a gun and shot himself but did not attempt to harm anyone else.  Police and medical teams were called to the scene. 

The student was rushed to the hospital.  La Salle High School is private school just west of Cincinnati and was placed on lockdown.

Authorities are unaware of why the student tried to commit suicide.  No word on if anyone else was targeted or caused the student to react so violently.  The shooting took place at 8:00am during the first period of school. Information about the student is being collected by counselors and students. School officials released this statement according the Associated Press

"We just ask that you pray for him and his family," said Greg Tankersley, La Salle's director of community development. "It's a tragic situation for this young man."

No word on how the gun was able to enter the school.

"We're going to go back and look at everything," Tankersley replied when asked about a gun getting into the school. But he added that Monday's top priority was the condition of the wounded student and the well-being of the others.

I am becoming extremely sadden by the violence our youth people across this country is experiencing.  After being an invited guest at three youth events last week, I see how important it has become for everyone to start listening to young people.  They are facing a lot of challenges and need our help.  Please keep our youth in your prayers.