The murder of Gary Nagy in Flint took at disturbing twist after reports that Peris Dorsette stomped Nagy to death because he felt disrespected.

Dorsette, who is 20 and an unnamed 15 year old were walking to get cigarettes when they found Nagy sleeping under a dumpster.  MLive reports that witnesses say Dorsette started to taunt Nagy about being homeless.  Nagy exchanged words with the boys and Dorsette was heard saying that he felt disrespected.  That's when the beating started that eventually lead to Nagy's death.

The beating lasted nearly 15 minutes while Dorsette and the teen laughed about what was going on.  Dorsette is charged with felony murder and torture, but there has been no word about the 15 year old suspect.

Crime like this makes my stomach turn.  It makes me angry that two kids are capable of making such bad decisions, and committing such terrible crimes.  I start to wonder if these kids parents have taught them anything about life, respect or sympathy.

I mean, I don't expect any young kid to stop and lend a helping hand to a homeless man (even though we all should), but the fact that their first reaction is to make fun of him is sickening.

I have no idea what the punishment is going to be, but when someone shows such little respect for a life, they deserve EVERY punishment that can be given to them.