Buying fireworks in Michigan might turn into a trip across state lines.

In 2011 Michigan made it legal for residents to buy commercial grade fireworks for personal use.  That could all change though considering the popularity of a new petition.

More than 34,000 people have signed a petition on to repeal the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act of 2011. According to the petition, since the sale of fireworks in Michigan became legal, things have not improved.

A drastic increase in the amount and violence of private fireworks displays all over the state of Michigan, thereby endangering people, pets and property. It is not worth the additional revenue. We want to return to the time before 2011 when these airborne fireworks were illegal to sell, purchase and use in the State of Michigan.

I'm surprised at how many people have jumped on board to sign the petition considering how many people that used to complain about driving to Indiana to buy fireworks.

It seems like this year has been flooded with fireworks complaints though.  Most revolving around pets that don't like the loud noises, but there have been other reasons too.

Do you think it would be a good thing for Michigan to ban the sale of big fireworks again?